Bamboo Charcoal is a trendy and natural magic treasure that widely been used in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Bamboo Charcoal can purify water, absorb moisture, foul smell, electromagnetic wave and release far infrared ray to accelerate blood circulation.


The product is made by specially selected species of bamboo which grow 1.2 metre a day. It contain countless tiny holes about 2.5 times more than wood charcoal so the absorption is therefore 10 times powerful. Due to these reasons, bamboo charcoal is more environmental friendly and economical. 

產品是選用有超生命力的孟宗竹來燒制一天能生長1.2 由於表面有很多微細小孔比備長炭還多出2.5吸著功效大10所以更環保及經濟!



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